5 Things you should give up to shed some weight

Weight loss has been almost everyones goal when they see a bulge in their tummy. However people take little or no step in action and the bulge grows constantly. Here we have top 5 things that one must stop doing to reduce weight.

1. STOP Drinking Sodas/Juice/Liquor

Soda/ liquor are worst enemies when it comes to weight loss. Ensure you don't touch them. You might surprise when i say dont have juices as well. Yeaah, you read it right!! never drink fruit juices as well,  i strong reason behind it, when you have a fruit as juice you tend to have more as you just take in the extract and you might add sugar to it as well.

2. STOP Fast Foods and Sweets

Fast foods are yummy, i know you cannot resist when you see a vada pav or samosa's or jelabi's and there are few people who eat only burgers, pizzas and sandwich just because of their western influence. These foods are high in cholesterol/fat that make you put extra weight.

3. STOP Sitting Idle

I know sitting idle as a couch potato is heaven, i want to remind you strongly that sitting on a couch and dreaming about weight loss won't make you shed that extra pounds, you need to be active, you must ensure you do at least 30 minutes of workout everyday.

4. STOP Over Eating/ Late Night Eating Habits

Dieticians say that ideally there should be gap of atleast 150 minutes before you hit your bed after your last meal.  They also add that food intake should not be for full stomach, rather you should always keep some empty space in your stomach. so avoid over eating as well.

5. STOP Ignoring Water

It is understandable that in our fast moving scheduled we dont have enough room to drink water because we spend most of our time in air conditioners. It is recommended to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. 

Now its time to stop reading this and start implementing these values in your regular routine so that you always stay fit.

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